10 Top tips for a first timer on a cruise

10 Top tips for a first timer on a cruise

For the first time traveller, these tips are very helpful so that you can make the most of your first cruise & make it a memorable one. So if you are someone who is planning to book a cruise now or in near future, there is no looking further:

1) Pick the right companion for your first cruise experience: Its best to pick like-minded people over someone who has been on many cruises before & just wants to lounge around all day. You will enjoy more with a friend or family member who would be as excited as you to explore the cruise.

2) Book the right cabin : Don’t go over board while booking the cabin as if you go for the suite the first time, you will be royally spoiled & you will set very high standards for your future cruise holidays. Its best to take it slow and steady, book a decent standard cabin to start with and keep upgrading with your future plans. This will help you experience something new in every trip.

3) Slather on Sunscreen to avoid Sunburns: Sunburns are never fun on a vacation and since you would love to bask yourself in the sun for that lovely golden tan, its best to keep it to that and not get sunburned.

4) Avoid elevators as much as you can: Being on the cruise will spoil you with the best of the foods around the world onboard but its important to keep a check on your intake as well. Its good to let yourself loose every now and then but also in order to avoid the extra pounds these simple steps will help. Besides the health reason, the elevators take really long & you will waste a lot of time waiting which is the last thing you would like to do.

5) Do not splurge on thing you don’t need: You will be tempted to buy many things onboard as well as off board as its very easy to get caught up in the ambience but always invest in things you see yourself using after the vacation gets over as you are likely to end up with things you will never use once you are down from the ship.

6) Pace yourself at the buffet: It sounds easier said than done but its very important to eat in moderation as the multicourse night after night can upset your system and take your tummy on a toss. Its very easy to feel uneasy, sluggish and bloated after meals if you don’t eat wisely and the last thing you want on your vacation is to fall sick.

Its a good idea to take mini pauses between courses which will help control over-indulging in the goodness. If you eat at a slower pace, you are more likely to enjoy your meals.

7) Be nice to the staff: Always remember that the staff on the ship work around the clock to give you the best time and your small gestures of kindness will only help them serve you better.

8) Limit your alcohol intake: If you are really looking to have a good time, excessive drinking is not the way to go about it. If you get drunk on the ship, its really easy to fall sick, slip or pick up an unnecessary argument with someone. To avoid all of this, always have a companion who is sober & can watch over you.

9) Don’t pick the deal based on the price alone: Ever cruise might look similar but things to consider while booking one are the destinations it will cover, the pros and cons of that particular cruise, its always helpful to do a bit of research or go through an experienced travel agent to make the bookings.

10) Always plan ahead: To make the best of your cruise holiday, its a good idea to plan ahead to book top shore excursions, spa treatments and speciality restaurants to name a few for an ultimate experience. It will not only save you the hassle to book everything last minute but also get good value deals online which are most likely to be sold out if you go for them last minute.

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