FREE Air with the World’s #1 Ocean Cruise Line

FREE Air with the World’s #1 Ocean Cruise Line

The Top Cruise Line Now in the Caribbean

We get plenty of deals to the Caribbean, but Viking Ocean Cruises is trying to give you an experience like no other. Best part is…YOU COULD FLY FREE

The West Indies Explorer starts in San Juan and takes 11 days to immerse you in different Caribbean cultures.

This cruise departs in NOV 2018 and JAN-MAR 2019. 

What’s Different About this Cruise?

Viking Ocean Cruises is setting themselves apart in a couple of different ways. This cruise is on a small ship with only 930 guests.

Since the cruises starts in the heart of the Caribbean, there’s more time in port. That means more time experiencing cultures and less time spent on deck waiting for your next excursion.

Don’t forget FREE Wifi and FREE Air.

To book now or learn more, call Valerie at 330-877-7770 or visit the Get a Quote page today!