Time is Running Out for Celebrity’s Resident Rates!

Time is Running Out for Celebrity’s Resident Rates!

Savings for Ohio Residents

Celebrity is cutting down prices to cruises all over the globe. And these deals are exclusive to residents of certain states. One of those states happens to be Ohio. You can get your summer vacation for a fraction of the price!

But HURRY UP! This deal expires June 30th. 

Glaciers, Sand, and More

Just because you’re getting a deal doesn’t you’ll have limited options. These prices stretch from this summer all the way into 2019! Look below to for some of the destinations:

  • Alaska Cruises: see beautiful glaciers and wildlife for up to seven days from the Tracy Arm Fjord to the Northern and Southern Glaciers.
  • Caribbean Cruises: sandy beaches are an option too. Take advantage of low rates and hop onto to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
  • Dubai & India Cruises: see the architecture and attractions of Dubai or any of India’s delicious foods and ornate temples.
  • Bermuda Cruises: how about British class, water sports, golf, and dining to go with the pink, sandy beaches?

To book now or learn more, call Valerie at 330-877-7770 or visit the Get a Quote page today!