Princess Cruises’ through the World’s Greatest Shortcut

Princess Cruises’ through the World’s Greatest Shortcut

Princess Cruises’ Sunday Brunch Series: Panama Canal

The Panama Canal has been called one of the world’s greatest engineering achievements. It is the gateway from the Atlantic to the Pacific. This cornerstone of Latin America could be your next cruise destination.

It’s a must-do travel experience.

Here are a couple of things you could experience:

A Ride through History

You’ll get to ride the Panama Canals complex lock system. An expert will give you insights and facts about the experience as tons of water lifts you through the canal.

Besides a breathtaking experience on the water, you’ll get even more sights inland. You can ride above the jungle by tram or travel into the jungle by canoe. The beautiful natural wonders of the jungle will make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time.

There are sights to beheld along the way. You’ll travel to sites that show you the diverse cultures and natural beauty of Central and South America.

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This cruise is a part of the Sun-Drenched Deals offered by Princess, meaning you could get up to 40% when you book! Two different ships, 8 different ports, one breath-taking journey.
Princess Cruises is ready to take you to another world! Check one man-made wonder off of your list and make memories along the way.

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