Viking Journeys with Viking Cruises

Viking Journeys with Viking Cruises

Like the name suggests, Viking River Cruises is setting sail to viking country. You’ll be cruising the Arctic Circle to the northernmost reaches of Scandinavia. And on this cruise, you’ll see where the sun shines on the water 24 hours a day.

After that you’ll sail the same paths that the vikings did centuries ago. If you couldn’t care less about vikings, there is a long list of European cities you’ll be able to check out.

And there’s no reason to wait! You could book a 2-for-1 cruise and get up to $700 of AIR.

This offer ends May 31st!

Check out the two journeys we’ve listed below (blurbs courtesy of Viking River Cruises):

Into the Midnight Sun

15 Days | Bergen to London

JUNE-JULY 2019 Departures
From $6,999 per person,
plus up to $500 Off Air*
Ask for Offer EBD

“Cruise spectacular fjords to the northernmost reaches of Scandinavia. Sail across the Arctic Circle and witness the remote beauty of North Cape. Visit Scotland’s Shetland and Orkney Islands and enjoy an overnight stay in Bergen.”


Viking Homelands

15 Days | Stockholm to Bergen

APR-JULY 2019 Departures
From $5,999 per person,
plus up to $700 Off Air*
Ask for Offer EBD

“Join us on a spectacular journey into the heart of Scandinavia and the Baltic. Visit 8 countries and discover Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Copenhagen, Bergen and more.”


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