Tips to help you have a good time on your next cruise

Tips to help you have a good time on your next cruise

The Internet has made our life easier for sure but along with it comes the responsibility to make the right vacation choices. Booking a cruise online can be complicated which is why it is so important to book your cruise through a knowledgeable Cruise Agent. There are costly mistakes you could make while trying to book a cruise online an promotional offers you could miss out on.

Choosing the wrong ship & sail dates: A lot of people make this mistake, sometimes while trying to take advantage an offer or discount. Be sure to check the year and month of the offer and make sure that is what you wanted. i.e. the right cruise ship on the right date, a correct year as well as the right ocean.

Getting confused over deals and offers: Internet is full of deals and offers that provide extras on top of what you pay to book the cruise. It may include upgrades, onboard credits, pickups or even airfare. These deals or offers can be really tricky as they may only be valid for specific ships, sail dates and even destinations. If you are confused or not sure whether a deal that you are interested in is applicable or not on your booking, its best to speak to your Cruise agent and check with them before making the booking and let them know if you are eligible for any further discount for example – senior citizen discount, Existing member discount etc.

Incorrect/Misspelled passenger names: The cruise lines require the name on the cruise documents to match your passport or you will be denied boarding. Some cruise lines may charge a small fee amount for changing the name after the reservation is made so its best to ensure the information you provide is 100% accurate.

Not checking the Cruise Line cancellation policy: All cruise lines have their own cancellation policies. This means if you need to make a change or cancel the cruise prior to the sail dates you may incur a penalty from the cruise line. It is to be noted that Cruise line cancellation policies are stricter than most of the other travel suppliers. It’s a good idea to have travel insurance in place in order to protect yourself from any penalties due to medical reasons for yourself or family members.

Choosing the wrong cabin: Each Cruise line has different types of cabins to choose from, it’s very important to understand the features of the cabin that meets your requirements and personal preferences.
You stop planning after you made the cruise booking: To make the most of the available time you get on each port, it’s best to do a bit of research to plan ahead and to avoid disappointment.

Packing: You need to understand the dress code on the ships as well as the climate to prevent being uncomfortable.

Hope we have covered some of the most important tips to help you have a good time on your next cruise vacation.