Insider Secrets to Finding Great Cruise Values

When it comes to planning your cruise vacation, Kims Kruises has you covered. Our team of cruise experts have been working for over 15 years with all of the major cruise lines. We've got the scoop of the best rates and how to find the best values when it comes to hitting the high seas.

One of the Midwest's Leading Cruise-only Agencies

We specialize in cruises. Nothing more, nothing less. Because we focus our efforts on one area of travel, we believe its safe to say....well.... we're really good at what we do!

This industry changes all the time. With new ships, new itineraries and new programs constantly changing, we strive to keep on top of it all by educating our team in every aspect of the industry we can. This allows us to pass incredible offers, specials and other value-added amenities to our customers... plus, we've got the "insider's scoop" on many new promotions and specials before others even know about them.