Become a Aficionado with U Time Cheese Academy

There’s more than meets the eye on U by Uniworld’s “Rolling on the Rhine” river cruise. You start in Amsterdam, end in Frankfurt, and stop at five cities in between. Like any good cruise, there are plenty of excursions to choose from: one of which is filled with wine and cheese.

Let’s take a deeper look into the U Time Cheese Academy.

Make Your Own Cheese

You’ll have something to take with you before the event ends. At the start of the class, you’ll handcraft your own homemade cheese.

The Crash Course on Cheese

While your cheese is…well…becoming cheese, a master cheese affineur will give you a lesson. You’ll learn about all different types of cheese while your wait. Not only will you leave with cheese, but you’ll leave with knowledge too.

Sip, Cheese, Repeat

And the part you’ve been waiting for, sampling LOTS of wine and cheese. Discover the best pairings with local wines. What’s cheese-making without sampling?

Leave an Aficionado

With the knowledge you’ve gained from sampling, making, and the crash course, you’ll leave as a cheese aficionado. You’ll get a certificate at the end of the excursion too. As cool as that is, you’ll be walking out of the door with a bucket full of homemade cheese crafted by you.


For more info on U by Uniworld’s Rolling on the Rhine cruise, call Valerie at 330-877-7770 or visit out Get a Quote page.