Princess’ Newest Ships Make Their Debut

Princess’ Newest Ships Make Their Debut

New Royal Class Ships

Princess is introducing its fifth Royal Class ship, and you can book it now!

The Enchanted Princess℠ is making its debut in June of 202o. You have the opportunity to spend your summer on the Mediterranean with up-to-date features and excursions. Onboard experiences are going to get even better because this will be Princess’ largest balcony at sea. 

Alongside the Enchated Princess℠ is Sky Princess℠, and they’re both traveling to Europe as part of Princess’ Anniversary Sale! 

You’ll find stunning views and low rates on trips to Europe, the Mediterranean and more. Don’t forget La Mer, Princess’ most recent restaurant on Sky PrincessSM and its three-Michelin-star chef.

To learn more about where you can sail and all the unique options available to you. Give us a call at 330-877-7770.