Royal Caribbean Introduces Non-Refundable Deposits and Change Fees

Royal Caribbean Introduces Non-Refundable Deposits and Change Fees



In an effort to preserve our Suite inventory and to ensure that our committed Suite guests have abundant

access to premium accommodations, Royal Caribbean is introducing a nonrefundable deposit and a change fee

for all Grand Suites and above booked through our NextCruise program.

Suite guests who reserve their future cruise while onboard will now require a full, nonrefundable deposit.

Assuming these guests commit to the original selection and do not adjust their ship or sail date in the future,

there is no impact imposed by this new policy adjustment. Should guests opt to alter their cruise selection

in the future, a change fee of $100 per guest will be incurred. All Suite cancellations are now subject to a

nonrefundable fee in the amount of the deposit.


1. How is the NextCruise Suite policy changing? Suite reservations (Grand Suite and above) will now

require a full, nonrefundable deposit at time of booking, applicable to all guests. While the deposit will be

nonrefundable from the date of creation, guests will have 30 days from creation to make any changes without

penalty. Should guestst wish to change to another ship or sail date after 30 days, a fee of $100 per person

per change will be incurred. For booking adjustments with no change to the ship or sail date, no penalty will

be incurred, assuming this occurs prior to the set final payment date.

2. Is the deposit non-refundable if guests book outside of the NextCruise program? At this time, when

confirming a cruise reservation via any other booking channel, the deposit remains fully refundable until

final payment. The benefit of booking onboard, however, is the advantage of the rich NextCruise Onboard

Credit program, which will not apply if the reservation is not confirmed while onboard.

3. Why are the NextCruise Suite deposits non-refundable? In an effort to preserve our valued Suite inventory

and to ensure availability for our committed guests, a non-refundable deposit is now in place for all

NextCruise Suite bookings confirmed in Grand Suite accommodations and above.

4. Why will a change fee be incurred? The new change fee has been imposed to encourage solid business

and to deter continual or late changes to the selected ship and sail date. During the first 30 days after

creation, unlimited changes can be made without a change fee incurred. If a booking is cancelled within

the 30 days, the deposit remains non-refundable.

5. How is the $100 per person fee change fee applied to the booking? When changes are made to the booking,

the fee will be applied.

6. Will non-refundable deposits become standard for Royal Caribbean? In recognition of the high demand

onboard for our Suite inventory and the added value of the NextCruise onboard credit, non-refundable

deposits are currently only applicable to onboard Suite bookings.

7. If a guest books a Grand Suite or higher via the NextCruise program and later prefers to downgrade

to a lower, non-Suite category on the same ship and sail date, will a change fee be incurred? No. The

change fee of $100 per person applies only to adjustments made to the ship and/or sail date. Stateroom

adjustments are not charged when made prior to final payment date.

8. If a guest books a Grand Suite or higher via the NextCruise program and later prefers to downgrade to a

lower, non-Suite category, will the booking remain under non-refundable status? Any booking originally

created as non-refundable will maintain this status for the life of the reservation, regardless of subsequent

category changes.

9. If a guest chooses to purchase Royal Caribbean Travel Protection insurance, how does this impact a

guest’s non-refundable deposit? Assuming a guest has fully paid and enacted Royal Caribbean Travel

Protection insurance for their cruise vacation, cancellations for any reason will be covered, including the

deposit amount.

10. Are NextCruise Suite bookings still eligible for price protection opportunities until final payment?

Royal Caribbean will continue to offer a price guarantee for all bookings until final payment.

11. Can NextCruise Suite bookings still be moved into a group? Yes. The FIT-to-Group transfer guidelines

have not changed.

12. Are suites booked prior to March 15, 2017 grandfathered into refundable deposits? Yes, any Suite

bookings made prior to the policy change will not be affected by the change fees and non-refundable

deposit policies.




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